lunedì 28 aprile 2014

Black Shark III fusolage Type-e by Black products

From Japan today has landed this awesome body for one of my Hirobo eagle III. It is an original Black Shark 3 body by Align/black with exclusive Hashimoto's colors. So this is not the usually black shark for align t-rex 700 rc helicopters.

This body, with this color scheme, is very rare and it is a special order to Black products of Japan. The finish is incredible. The painted stars are just perfect. They use a particular technique with urethane paint. The result is a incredible effect. The colors seems to be printed on the body with not steps if you touch the fuse with your hands. Another details is that the front black windows is in true carbon.

I will fit this body with one of my F3C Hirobo Eagle 3 EP.



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